Saturday, January 5, 2008

manila: inspiration from an unexpected bonus view.

makati fireworks 4

i had no idea how great the view was from my new pad in makati until new year's eve; from the living room i can see the distant fireworks set off along manila bay, but from the bedroom windows i have a nearly front row view of the ayala/makati display. the fireworks are so close, in fact, that the concussions rattle the windows in a most alarming way; if you did not know it was a holiday, this--along with the billowing smoke from the explosives--would make you think there was a war going on outside. yeeps.

makati fireworks 6

makati fireworks 5

makati fireworks 3

makati fireworks 1

it's making me rethink my lighting options....


Carmi said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the podcast reference!

Sue said...

Your color coordinated books on your shelf, rug, daybed inspired me to do something similar. Can you tell me where you got everything. Thanks