Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saipan - Algidon, kapok fibers

Saipan - Algidon, kapok fibers, originally uploaded by *caramimi*.

The harvest of silk/cotton-like fibers from the kapok tree, known as Ceiba pentandra, or algidon in Chamorro, for use as stuffing for a plush animal project with my nieces. The kapok fibers are sometimes used as a "green" resource for stuffing in pillows, quilts and the like - they are harvested from the dried pod fibers, with no harm to the tree.

The old algidon tree on my Uncle A'be's property is about 3 to 4 stories high, and has been thriving for over 60 years. A big thank you to Roger (shown above) for gathering this kapok harvest.

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Santos said...

can you wash that stuff once you use it in something?

caramimi said...

yes, no problems. my grandmother made me a little pillow, as a child, and that thing was washed to death. i believe it's best to air dry over electric dryer.

i heart spinning said...

hi, i'm a spinner. i'd love to have a litle bit to try and spin.

lemme know


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